Tuesday, June 11, 2013

So a little while ago, I made a deal with my brother. That he would have my old guitar to sell in exchange for one of his old nice guitars. Mine is a bit old and is around beginners level and I wanted something a bit more.. 'advanced', I guess. Something nice. I will miss my guitar since i've had it for so long and have many memories but I'm glad to have gotten this newer guitar. My brother has also gotten a new acoustic guitar that has pretty great sound actually. ^^ I enjoy playing it. I'm learning 2NE1's Lonely at the moment during the times I borrow his acoustic.

                                          ^^^So this is my old guitar that i'm getting rid of^^^
                              ^^^This is my new guitar I've gotten from my generous brother^^^
                                  ^^^And this is my brother's new acoustic guitar that I'm in love with^^^

Did I make a good choice? With my trade, that is. ^^ I think so~.

Monday, June 10, 2013


If you're into international arts and music, you've likely come to the right place~!
^^^Including-- kpop, arts and crafts, cosplay,fandoms, international fashion,foods&&accessories, etc.^^^
We've already many things to discuss and debate over so let's make ourselves at home here.
I hope those of you that stay with me will come to think of yourselves as family.
Let's have fun. ^u^